IMG_1056Walking briskly through the woods near Fingle Bridge yesterday – moving the camera as I walked to try and show the sense of ‘passing through’. ¬†Also an experiment with making a short movie of ‘prints-on-the-go to demonstate the process.

I’m thinking of including these in my crit next week to get some feedback


Our first seminar on Tuesday by Rebecca Harris, a former MA graduate, has inspired me to take up the 66 day drawing challenge (66 days is needed for a task to become habitual apparently). She gave a really great talk about her practice since leaving the MA course.
I have done several quick large drawings about walking in the stormy weather we have been experiencing lately. It’s got me thinking about possibly including them with my ‘prints-on-the-go’.





I’ve had a tidy up, looking at my work and now intend to spend a few hours reflecting and working in my journal





I quite often think I’ve not done much work because I don’t have the space in my small studio at home to display it all together. This week I was given a temporary space at the university by one of the MA full timers who isn’t using it – so I’ve taken full advantage and started hanging my walking ‘prints-on-the-go’ and putting out my collagraph prints – I’m surprised by how much work there is in just a week – nothing is finished of course! I now want to spend some time thinking about how it is working and what I’m trying to communicate through my practice – this was highlighted in my tutorial last week. Being able to ‘live’ with a body of work makes such a difference!





I collected a mass of fallen lichen, from the recent storms on a long walk along the river at Ivybridge on Saturday – I have a fascination with this material – it was too wet to do anything with on the walk so I brought it home and it is now drying out in the studio – I will try some prints with it and maybe use it in a new collograph plate.


IMG_0993 IMG_0994 IMG_0995 IMG_0996Yesterday’s (surprisingly sunny) walk from South Brent up on to Dartmoor produced some new prints – ‘prints on the go’ that suggest my walk experience – not at all sure what I’m going to do with them yet but very much enjoying the process


I find it hard to believe that I have now almost finished the second year of my MA. The assessment for the practice was last week and all that remains now is to write a 3000 word proposal for the final year.

Walking (often solitary) and collecting materials during the walk have remained central to my practice, working within the area between the intentional and incidental, edges that demand a mindful awareness and presence that embodies my experiences of the landscape.


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