I am a mature student, now in my late 60’s, with a thirst for learning which I never had when I was younger – I was always curious but never thought of myself as academic! You could say that my school days were a complete failure because I certainly didn’t learn much that has been particularly useful in my life…… But I always loved art and making things. Later I discovered I was a kinesthetic learner – someone who learns best by watching and doing.
So at the age of 60 I embarked on something I’d always wanted to do – Fine Art – and enrolled on a part time degree at Leeds College of Art. I was there for 4 years and gained a diploma. I moved down to Plymouth in the South West in 2010 and I finished my degree in Fine Art at Plymouth University in June 2012.

After 6 years of studying I wasn’t sure I wanted to continue but I toyed with the idea of applying for the MA course and decided that if I got a first (which I did) I would go for it! I got accepted and then spent the summer months deliberating whether it was the right thing to do – I just wasn’t sure! So at the last moment, late September 2012 I found myself on the course feeling extremely daunted by what lay ahead. My thinking was that if I didn’t do it now I never would!
This blog and journal is to keep me focused and to record my journey over the next 3 years. Hello MA Contemporary Art Practice!

My creative practice incorporates printmaking, drawing, film, collecting found objects, and sound recording. I am especially interested in moments that retain a physical presence, a mapping of a memory, a trace that holds a narrative. The largest impact to my recent work has been my move to the South West and exploring Dartmoor and the coast., I am fascinated by walking, its effect, presence and marking in the landscape.

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  1. Your work is beautiful. Thank you for sharing it here.

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