I have been making collagraphs from materials collected on my coastal walks – seaweed gives marvellous abstract marks when pressed into the plaster base – these are a couple of the latest printed to the torn edges of the paper (Fabriano Rosapina) . The first one was only partially inked and I’ve made a sequence of these ending up with a print from a completely inked plate (the second image)


Coastal walk – partially inked plate with embossing


Coastal walk – collagraph sequence

I feel that this image captures the rhythm of the walk especially when 6 are displayed horizontally as a sequence.


Coastal walk – collagraph

In the third image, above, the print is made from 2 plates – one using some sand (printed first) and the other using a large seaweed strand – I am now experimenting with introducing some minimal colour. I have also experimented printing on dry paper but this has lost the rich texture of the image. The collagraphs are 62 x 22 cms. Some of the less successful prints will be torn into smaller prints, like the ones in my last post,  and be displayed as ‘path fragments’. It has become rather obsessive!

  1. karen howse said:

    Hi Rosie, I really like your latest collograph prints. They do have a rhythm of walking about them. I also like the idea of imprint in my own practice. Reminds me of footprints and impressions. Keep going!

  2. Thanks Karen – it’s always great to get feedback – it was lovely to see you last week and look forward to ‘walking’ and drawing with you in June!

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