It first came up in the group crit a few weeks ago – printing to the edges of the paper – now I can’t imagine any other way – it is so much easier – so I started ripping the paper to give it that lovely deckelled edge that sheets of uncut paper have – only it is never quite the same of course!

Today I decided to tear one of my smaller collagraph prints into 4 –  I used this one


Heather collagraph 20cms square

the 5cms square pieces below seem to relate to the small etching plates of the same size – you can see these in this post HERE  – I like the intimacy of these tiny prints and that you have to go up close to look at them.


I have also gone to the other extreme and made the largest collagraph plate that fits on the press – 116 x 84 cms – every stage of the process presented a new challenge – from soaking the paper to where to store the prints – at this point they are still in the print room at university and then they will have to live under the bed unless I decide to also tear thsse into smaller prints. I also found it quite exhausting to print such large images! I’m not very pleased with the results, they are disappointing, and I will have to think about whether to work on the plate further. I will take a photograph of it as soon as I can find a place to display it . I only have another few days to finish my print work before the end of term next week – then the print room is closed for the Easter break for 3 weeks – assessment is a week later!




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