Resolving work

Even though I haven’t posted much on the blog I have been working away during January trying to resolve some of the issues in the work I am creating for this module. I would like to try and integrate the 2 identified strands of my walking – collecting and embodiment (the tiny etching plates). And I also want to include text in the form of letterpress.  I have made some collagraph plates and used some pressed plant material with polyfilla to create these prints – they are only 14cms square and are practice pieces for a larger work 


Collagraph – heather



Collagraph – ghost print



Collagraph – ghost print



Collagraph – seaweed ghost print


the seaweed plate has been developed into a much larger plate and is more successful. I am now using a brown ink on either cream German etching paper or Fabriano Rosapina – they each give different results. I much prefer the ghost prints as they further abstract the image and only give a minimal impression of the plant material. 

I’m continuing with the etching plates and when I was in Dublin before Christmas I carried these little plates around with me in my bag and pockets for 3 days 


3 days in Dublin – etching



3 days in Dubling – etching



Detail – etching


I have spent some time in the letterpress room this week using  6pt font – it was a real pain to do – very fiddly but I felt the font needed the same delicacy and scale as the etching plates. 

I have a group critique in 10 days so hopefully I will now have enough work to present that demonstrates my development – it will be useful to have feedback on what is working!


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