Walking from Cremyl to the Rame Peninsula

I picked the dullest of the 3 good days we had a couple of weeks ago unfortunately – it was cold but dry and the sun did struggle out around lunchtime when I ate my sandwiches on the beach (alone!) I don’t set out with any clear idea of how I am going to document my walk and this time I left my camera at home so I couldn’t take a photo of the place where I gathered the material for my latest ‘ball’ It was from a massive bindweed (I think but am not sure) bush covered in seedheads, not unlike the dandelion. I wished I had taken my camera – if only as a way of identifying the plant for certain – but I often walk this path so I will collect some leaves next time to aid identification.


I often carry small copper etching plates (5cm square) which I have been testing with various grounds – these are the three I carried on this walk – The middle one was placed in my bra near to my heart,  and left me with a tattoo for several days

Photo 19-11-2013 10 39 26

3 copper etching plates

Photo 09-11-2013 20 32 07

Heart tattoo

And I have been making paper from natural materials collected from the path. Where this is taking me I’m not sure at the moment but I’m enjoying the process! This is my favorite piece as it is more 3D so I am going to try a more sculptural form next time


Last week I visited Green Hill Arts to see the exhibition ‘Gathering Silence’ – the work of 4 artists who have made work from walking on Dartmoor. Steve Thorpe had collected rocks which he had ground to make pigments – the colours were really beautiful and I felt it was a shame that more attention had not been given to the presentation – It reinforced the importance of presentation to me especially with minimal work where every mistake/smudge is highly visible – it can really make or break a work.

My next walk is on Saturday and I have a tutorial on Friday this week so I will be able to talk through some of these ideas and how I can develop them further

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  1. karen howse said:

    hi Rosie, your email didn’t work for me so I thought I’d contact you through your lovely blog. I wondered if you were going to the symposium on drawing and place at the college on saturday, it would be nice to see you there. I am going, let me know your new email as I have a workshop coming up in spring you might like, best wishes Karen

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