Walking materials


3 more balls made – 2 lichen and 1 of sheep’s wool collected along the way from hedges and fences and rolled in my hands while walking – a very meditative experience and totally phenomenological.
I now have 6 balls and am not sure how to display them for my assessment next week. My tutor commented negatively on my display of them at my crit – I had 3 arranged on a narrow shelf – I’m wondering now about using a plinth or does that carry the same message as the shelf? I can possibly make one more by next week giving me 7 for display – ‘a week of quiet walking’

  1. Rob Stephen said:

    Just because someone makes a negative comment, even if they are a tutor, it doesn’t mean that comment is an absolute fact. Aesthetic judgement can’t be empirically verified – it’s just that person’s taste and even though people like to suggest that there’s some sort of hierarchy of taste, there isn’t. It’s just a different opinion, that’s all. Sorry for droning on, but I get really fed up with people trying to present subjective opinion as objective fact!

  2. Thanks Rob – happy for you to drone on – I don’t know why I get thrown by tutor comments instead of trusting myself – I suppose I assume they are academically superior! Still not sure about this MA!

  3. karen howse said:

    hi Rosie, I think your work is lovely, I like the rolled balls. Rob is right, we often give more weight to tutor’s comments than our own gut feelings (I had the same on my MA). Good luck with the assessment. I also like the title of the piece, Keep walking!…..

  4. Thanks Karen – as Hamish Fulton says ‘no walk – no work’

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