Assessment and essay time

This is the current reading for the critical framework module – I have a tutorial tomorrow to talk through my thoughts and essay plan – then I have until 11June to write it. My subject is ‘Walking as art practice’ – as long as the tutor approves this!
The time has flown by and I suddenly find myself at the end of the first practice module with the assessment a week tomorrow and an evaluation to write up before then. I do wish I had reflected more often either on this blog or in my journal! Of course I had every intention of doing so but I let things slide at the beginning of the year when I wasn’t feeling very well. It needs to be done on a weekly basis!
It feels quite full on at the moment!

  1. I think it was Barnett Newman who said “theory is to the artist what ornithology is to the birds”…nice to know somebody’s writing it but it doesn’t help you fly!

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