Group critique


Path and circular walk

ImageMy very delayed first group crit took place yesterday – I spent a couple of hours installing my work in the project space – it wasn’t enough time really to try out different layouts so the learning was that I needed to book the space for a day and try out some other ways – the pieces certainly worked collectively but not as an installation which is how I would like to progress this body of work.

We have to provide the group with questions that we would like addressed in the feedback and an optional quote or introduction to the work – I provided this:

All things are engaged with writing their history………Not a foot steps into the snow, or along the ground, but prints in characters more or less lasting, a map of its march. The ground is all memoranda and signatures, and every object covered over with hints. In nature, this self registration is incessant, and the narrative is the print of the seal – Ralph Waldo Emerson (1850)

How would you describe the work?

What kind of experiences/feelings/if any do they evoke for you? Any other comments?


Small walking books


Text and drawing

There was some good feedback from the group which will help in developing the work, although, as always, there was differing opinions on presentation – some people liked the way the circular works were not perfectly round and others felt my plates needed to be laser cut and the cutting of the photograms precise! Well there’s no pleasing everyone, so, in the end the artist has to make up their mind on these issues – another topic we seem to disagree on is the amount of information about the work – some of us wanting an explanation of the work and others preferring no information at all! I was really pleased that some people in the group responded to the lichen balls, particularly the feel and smell when they picked them up – I made these by picking up small bunches of lichen and rolling it around in my hands while I walked, gradually adding more material to the ball in quite a mediative way (empty mind!) – I want to make lots of them and larger too! So maybe you will see me wandering around Dartmoor with sacks full of lichen……I also needed more pine needles to create a path on the floor rather than on a plinth. More gathering is definitely required……


Path solar plate with 6 small etchings


2 lichen balls with 2 circular etchings

All in all I am happy it is over because I was feeling quite anxious about it –  but I will now look forward to another crit in the future and EMBRACE the process!

I’m going on a DAWN chorus walk on Sunday morning at 5am armed with a recording device! I am hoping to add sound to my work next……..


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