2nd tutorial


My last tutorial in January was postponed because of illness – it’s now crept up on me and it’s tomorrow!
I’ve managed to catch up a bit and tomorrow I will present the latest pieces – still not sure where I’m going with this but hopefully the tutorial will clarify a few things. I’ve introduced text into my work and spent considerable hours in the university’s marvellous letterpress facility. I’ve always collected natural and man made objects when I walk and have been wondering how I can incorporate these in my practice rather than leave them sitting around on the windowsill in my studio. These are 2 pieces that I formed from collected lichen by continually rolling it around in my hands while I was walking – the one that has formed a natural pathway seems particularly relevant!
Remnants from the cyclical workings of nature! My walks are providing the material and approach to devise a visual language, based on a phenomenological approach to transcribing the experience of ‘dasein’ (Heidegger’s term translating as ‘existence’ or ‘presence’ )



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  1. I’m not very good at articulating what I feel about the things I see, but these two images just feel “right” somehow – particularly when you explain how they were created

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