on ‘not walking’ and circular walks

I have had a nasty virus for the last month and have been unable to do any long walks or related artwork – I’ve felt pretty awful, very low and unmotivated and consequently I am way behind with my MA work and have missed my group crit.  I’m gently easing my way back by doing a large drawing 30 ins square based on my ‘not walking’ frustrations and it seems to have been influenced by the circular theme that emerged a few weeks ago, when I last posted……


Circular walk


Circular walk detail

most of my walks are circular walks so it kind of makes sense.  I have 2 walks planned for this week so I hope to progress the work further.

This is where the large drawing has got to but I am going to work into it further


on not walking

During the drawing I took some prints – body movement traces





  1. karen howse said:

    Hi Rosie, hope you are recovering now. I really like the work you are doing, it has alot of parallels with the work I am doing at the moment, I especially like your circular walk image and the little book. The traces are interesting too. Keep going with the drawing, I’m enjoying the way it is emerging, like thought.
    Take care and hope to cross paths,

  2. kelvin said:

    Your frustration is shared, I had a stroke in November and now slowly doing some work but it;s tiring and not being able to see properly is challenging keep going , but slowly x

  3. Thx so much Kelvin – I am sorry to hear of your stroke – it’s really shit being older sometimes -especially when it’s health issues – wishing you strength and courage and a progress back to full health x

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