‘A roundness’

Merleau Ponty said “the world is around me – not in front of me”. He rejects all dualisms that introduce separation between subject and object – he believed that the physical body was the seat of perfection and the vehicle for being in the world. Heidegger referred to it as ‘dasein‘.
For me the challenge is finding a visual language adequate to my experience of being in the landscape rather than ‘looking at a landscape’. I am attempting a phenomenological approach, a touch dependant methology, to transcribe and transpicture my experience of being in place, in time, through
Recording – notes, sound, drawing
The small works I am making are experimental and will be displayed in the first of my MA crits the week after next…….. The work below ‘A circular walk’ is made up of 12 photograms from collected material and attempts to refer to both space and time.


A circular walk


Detail of ‘A circular walk’


Detail of ‘A circular walk’

‘A walk only exists as it is being made – the artwork can only try and make present and actual a past event by summoning aspects of the walk’.


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