A new year and a new term

Back to the MA after what seems like quite a long break when I’ve done very little actual practical work – I’ve skimmed through the ever growing mountains of books and revised some of the power point presentations for the Critical Frameworks module but I have felt mounting fear about my practice! I have been unable to do much walking (and walking is a big part of my practice at the moment)  due to the endless drizzle  we have been experiencing – on the one beautiful sunny day (New year’s day) I took myself off to the beach and managed to fall and dunk my camera in sea water and sand – not a brilliant combination – in fact everything I’ve since read suggests it is death to the camera but miraculously it seems to be functioning after a week of slowly drying out – however it is still by no means certain as the techies at Canon told me it can corrode up to a month or 2 later – anyway I have duly sent the camera off to them to see if it still has more life in it! (I managed to save the photos however). I was too busy looking at this wonderful light……..


and not noticing a sweep of water from the incoming tide, as dusk fell so did I…….

As if that wasn’t enough fun to start 2013 a few days later, in the week I had allocated for studio work, I got flu! So here I am back at where I was 3 weeks ago with my practice!


coastal area prints

I have scanned in some of the prints following my last tutorial.

3 etching plates on red line walk


Cover of tiny walking book 5cms sq.


concertina of tiny walking book

I am documenting the movement of my body while walking in an attempt to abstract the walk and concentrate on the experience of walking. I saw an exhibition by Hamish Fulton a few years ago in London and I bought the catalogue – his work is very much about the experience of the walk and translating that experience into the artwork for the viewer to also have their own experience.

oh yes and I’ve made some sound recordings which I hope to do something with once I’ve understood how to use Audacity software – more to follow

  1. Jane said:

    gosh Rosie its just like my Mersey work – if you remember – I was doing walking, sound and hamish fulton!! Great stuff – keep it up!

  2. Thanks for your encouragement Jane -have felt very wobbley about it -I really liked your Mersey work -just been to a talk about the Tamar River art project which reminded me of your river works!

  3. those images are looking beautiful Rosie! Can’t wait to see them properly soon 🙂

  4. Thanks Rebecca – hoping to get my crit rescheduled soon – now feeling much better but lots to catch up on as have got well behind

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