I continue to be fascinated with these 2photos I took at Newlyn Harbour



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  1. Hello Rosie,

    Long time no see!! But I did bump into Jack a few months back at Roger Bradley’s place and he told me of your goings on. It looks like you are really busy with the MA and I’m loving some of the stuff you’ve posted. I’m organising our programme at our studios in Long Eaton this year – its a modest space but we try to put on a decent showing of external artists…and I’ve an idea of a show of two artists who, in their ways, are quite diffident about their painting practice…you maybe could be one of them… Get in touch – either thru profdavid_manley@me.com or 07808 938349…then we can talk! By the way I made a little Blurb book a while back in Portugal and noticed today some similarities with your Newlyn photos… great minds think alike (or maybe fools seldom…!)

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