First presentation

First week of the MA course was information overload and I felt exhausted and rather overwhelmed by it all – but also excited about the journey ahead!

There are two modules this year, practice and critical frameworks – we were given the outline for the written practice module proposal with a 40 minute presentation to the group, 2 weeks later – all well and good if you know what you want to do but I hadn’t a clue – anyway I made an attempt at it and gave it to one of my daughters to read through, she’s an English teacher so asked me if I’d heard of a comma and wasn’t it rather vague! I prefer he word open ended! Most of my presentation was about my previous work but it was useful in that it gave me a chance to review  the last couple of years and reflect on where I am now. I am hoping the forthcoming tutorial will help me to clarify my direction. You can click on this link below to see the proposal
MA proposal


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